Highstreet Whitepaper
Welcome to Highstreet
A Play-to-Earn MMORPG Game


Highstreet is an open-world metaverse that incorporates shopping, gaming, NFTs, traditional and crypto brands in an MMORPG game. Users can play-to-earn by completing quests, attending social events, socializing with players, shopping for NFTs from real-world brands.
HIGH is Highstreet's native utility and governance, the following use cases include:
  • In-game access: HIGH tokens are required in various areas for game progression or access to special events.
  • In-game currency for specialty items: HIGH tokens can be used to purchase special items. For example real estate or limited edition products in the Highstreet marketplace.
  • Governance: HIGH token holders will be able to create and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features of Highstreet, with voting weight calculated in proportion to the tokens staked.

Highstreet consists of the following major components working in conjunction:

  • โ€‹Highstreet Marketplace: Users can buy and sell phygital products and NFTs in the in-game marketplace.
  • โ€‹Forever Fomo Duck Squad (Ducks): Besides being the official mascot and avatar NFTs of the Highstreet World. These NFTs have the following use cases:
    • Duck transformation: 2D NFT ducks will receive 3D ducks that will transform in-game.
    • Highstreet exclusive clubs: Ducks act as a gateway into exclusive clubs in the Highstreet World.
    • Merchandise drops and vault openings: NFT holders can access exclusive drops and vaults
Asymmetric Gameplay: Highstreet will support players to join in from a range of different platforms.
  • โ€‹VR and PC: The flagship gameplay experience is on the VR version. Users can also play on the PC version.
  • โ€‹Mobile: In this gameplay, players will play as a monster tamer, which would be a rivaling force to the adventurer in the VR/PC versions.


1. What is Highstreet (HIGH)?

  • Highstreet is a play-to-earn open-world metaverse that incorporates shopping, gaming, NFTs, traditional and crypto brands in an MMORPG game.
    • Nowadays, frictionless checkout with e-commerce eliminates the social aspect of shopping. Highstreet reimagines E-commerce and retail in the Metaverse and Web3 era. This is done by integrating traditional brands into the on-chain world, through tokenizing products into โ€œphygitalโ€ items.
    • Highstreet's play-to-earn is driven by value creation and seeks to demonstrate sustainable yield with its brand partnerships.

1.1 Highstreet Key Highlights

  • โ€‹Dual Token Model: Besides HIGH tokens, STREET tokens are the in-game currency of Highstreet World. It helps ensure later players get an equal chance to enjoy the game without hyperinflation while still rewarding early participants fairly. STREET token use cases include:
    • In-game currency: Used as primary currency to facilitate all transactions in-game (i.e. buying from NPC characters representing brands, buying from other players, in-game item repairs).
    • Play-to-earn: STREET can be earned by hunting monsters and completing quests, STREET Token is the equivalent of SLP in Axie Infinity.
Users begin their Highstreet journey on Freshmint Island for a tutorial
After the tutorial, users will be able to explore the Highstreet World.
  • โ€‹Virtual Real Estate: Highstreet is made of Hexagon-shaped land plots, this will be commissioned to real-world brands to develop on to build in-game infrastructure (clubs, shops, homes etc).
    • Initial Home Offerings (IHO): Users are able to buy their own โ€œhomesโ€ across the various locations in the Highstreet World through the IHO.
Map of the various locations in the Highstreet World.
Concept art of upcoming point of interests in Highstreet.
  • VR Technology: Highstreet is built with the assumption that players will be fully immersed in virtual worlds, and maturing VR hardware that is available on the market today. Besides actively working with leading hardware manufacturers like HTC, there are other factors that contribute to the development of Highstreet, which include:
    • Personal Embodiment: To capture users' representation of their body movements in the virtual world, the team leverages an avatar SDK called Tafi avatar, the same engine that powers the RTFKT's CloneX NFT collection.
    • Social: To enable social features on VR, Highstreet is developed using Unity Multiplay game engine, a multiplayer hosting service. It synchronizes player bodily movement and supports a large throughput of data to maintain organic player movement (on par with an actual human).
    • VR Analytics: Providing measurable data metrics to VR experiences through the usage of gaze analytics, a new data analytics IP by Retinad, which is acquired by Highstreet.

3. Roadmap and Updates

3.1 Completed Milestones

Completion Date
September 2021
Forever Fomo Duck Squad unveiled and mineable
โ€‹Medium Announcementโ€‹
September 2021
IDO Public Sale on Polkastarter
โ€‹Medium Announcementโ€‹
October 2021
IDO Public Sale on Impossible Finance
โ€‹Medium Announcementโ€‹
October 2021
Drop 0 (FOMO's Secret) revealed and launched
โ€‹Medium Announcementโ€‹
October 2021
Halloween Private Alpha for early Signups
โ€‹Private Alpha Previewโ€‹
December 2021
Miami NFT Basel Highstreet Mansion Yacht Kick-Off with first streamer gameplay

3.2 Updated Roadmap

Q4 2021
  • Highstreet Staking goes Live
  • Highstreet Christmas Alpha Teaser
  • Highstreet Private Alpha round 2
  • Highstreet Private Commercial Land Sale
Q1 2022
  • Highstreet NFT Drop with Jonathan Koonโ€‹
  • Highstreet Initial Home Offering (IHO)
  • Highstreet World Open Public Alpha
Q2 2022
  • Highstreet Mobile Companion App Initial User Testing
  • First Wave of Partnership Content Integration

3.3 Commercial and Business Development Progress

  1. 1.
    โ€‹Binance NFT: Binance Beach in Highstreet World will be the web3 manifestation of the Binance NFT platform. Players will be able to buy, bid, and sell on the platform by using Highstreet Metaverse instead of a browser as the front end.
  2. 2.
    โ€‹Avalanche: AVAX Alps is a region in Highstreet World that will represent the Avalanche Ecosystem.
  3. 3.
    โ€‹Animoca Brands: Animoca Archipelago is an island chain within Highstreet World that features brands under Animoca Brands.
  4. 4.
    โ€‹Republic Realm: Republic Realm is a region in Highstreet World with futuristic and arcane-style buildings that represents the Republic brand as well as provide a spaceport for players to launch users to orbit to visit space regions in Highstreet World.
  5. 5.
    โ€‹Polkastarter: Besides being a Launchpad partner, Polkastarter also has a city in development within Highstreet World that will feature their launchpad projects. Residents of Polkastarter City will have early access to whitelist opportunities and various events held by Polkastarter.
  6. 6.
    โ€‹Draper Associates: Draper Dragon Dominion is a region claimed by the Draper VC group, the rgion is also the home of Highstreet's monsters (Mama Drakes and BB Drake) Brave explorers are encouraged to test their wits against the many bosses deep in this region.

4. Community


5. Appendix

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